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The other day I was searching for a doggy day care service near my house and 4 of the 6 ads on page one have nothing to do with doggy day care. In fact, they didn’t even have anything to do with dogs. This is all too common – I am sure you have clicked on an ad in Google Search at some point in time only to find that the website you were taken to was not relevant at all.

But imagine if your ad was seen by people who were actually searching and interested in a product or service you actually offer and they were in the same location/area you actually offer your product or service in.  This is the magic of well built and managed Adwords account.

Building and managing such accounts takes time and experience. For example, Google releases new tools, rules, strategies and opportunities constantly. Part of our ethos is to stay up to date with such releases and to have all of our team highly trained and knowledgeable, which is why, when the 2017 Google Adwords Specialist Challenge was released, all 7 of our digital marketing strategists signed up and successfully completed the challenge.

Run across NZ and Australia, there were a total 6 exams and review sessions covering AdWords fundamentals, search, video, shopping, display, and mobile. This was done in conjunction with ongoing internal training including use of third party optimization and reporting tools.

The shiny plaques have now been delivered but the learning and training has not stopped, with multiple new betas being released in the months following the exams and a whole lot of new learnings that we can apply to our clients accounts so we can make sure their ads are seen by the most pre-qualified visitors are possible for the lowest possible cost.

In regards to my ill-fated search, the dog was finally booked into doggy day care successfully (until such dog was expelled for bad behaviour) but, not in one of the numerous child care centers whose ads had shown to me on that day.

Mish Cockcroft