How Negative Keywords Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign

How Negative Keywords Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign

How Negative Keywords Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign 690 690 Jill

How Negative Keywords Can Improve Your AdWords Campaign

​Google AdWords is an indispensable weapon in any SEO expert’s arsenal. With more than one million businesses now reliant upon AdWords – according to the Google AdWords website – it has taken digital marketing to a new level by providing business owners, marketers and SEO experts with a wide variety of excellent advertising solutions that deliver measurable, relevant and cost-effective results.
So, what are the top benefits associated with AdWords? Listed in no specific order, the top benefits are – making digital marketing measurable, its cost-effective nature, effective targeting capabilities, and relevance to marketers, along with the remarketing-retargeting options it provides when used skilfully and competently.​

Negative Keywords

A basic term, one many may still be unfamiliar with, negative keywords are keywords used to filter out the recipients of ads on the Google search results page. They are used by business owners and SEO experts to make their AdWords efforts more relevant, which in turn helps them reach their target audiences, and therefore also has the highly desirable effect of reducing costs and maximising ROI. These are surely great benefits from any advertiser, marketer, or business owner’s viewpoint.

  • Negative keywords help to increase search relevance by bringing ads to the attention of the consumers most likely to click on them
  • Negative keywords narrow the search field to exclude websites and searches offering products and services that the business does not offer
  • Because negative keywords help to show ads to consumers likely to click on them, they reduce expenditure and help to maximise returns on investment

If you require a more in-depth explanation of negative keywords and how they can be used to drive new business to your door, get in touch with Conversion Marketing.

How to Add Negative Keywords in Google AdWords

Adding negative keywords in AdWords is simple. Start by signing into your AdWords account, then click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab, after which select ‘Keywords’. On that tab you will find the ‘Negative Keywords’ tab which you can expand by clicking on the link. To add negative keywords to a campaign or add group, just click ‘Add’.

Although it’s easy to add negative keywords in AdWords, there are a few things that you need to bear in mind if you are to maximise the results of your efforts.

  • The ads to which you add negative keywords may still show on pages that contain variations of the terms that you have selected as negative
  • The use of too many negative keywords could result in your ads reaching too few potential customers, so choose your negative keywords carefully
  • If your negative keywords overlap with your regular keywords, your ad may not show at all, so once again, select negative keywords wisely

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