Joining Forces with WWF NZ for the Whale Tales Art Trail Auckland 2022

Joining Forces with WWF NZ for the Whale Tales Art Trail Auckland 2022

Joining Forces with WWF NZ for the Whale Tales Art Trail Auckland 2022 800 800 Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing is proud to be a Digital Marketing partner for Auckland’s largest public art installation – The Whale Tales Art Trail. Whale Tales is an immersive arts trail in Auckland going from the 24th of January to the 18th of April 2022. It’s presented by WWF-New Zealand, in partnership with Wild in Art and Auckland Unlimited. 80 artists around New Zealand, both known and undiscovered have designed and created 80 tails, each with their own unique story. These are on display throughout streets, beaches, parks and public spaces in Auckland.

WWF-NZ’s work focuses on protecting and restoring the life-force of our ocean. In the Hauraki Gulf the Bryde’s (pronounced “BROO-dus”) whales are in severe threat of disappearing from our waters forever – there are only 135 left. These beautiful creatures are living in our big blue backyard, and while their existence is unknown to many, the danger the species is in is very real. The World Wildlife Fund is working  with mana whenua and local communities to help restore the waters that the Bryde’s whales need to survive and eventually giving them the ability to thrive. Thus, creating the Whale Tales Campaign.

Conversion Marketing Whale Tale

Why we got involved

At Conversion Marketing we are fortunate to have an office with a magnificent view over the Hauraki Gulf, and a day doesn’t go by that we don’t appreciate it. However, the beauty of the Gulf goes beyond what can be seen from the surface and, unfortunately, our taonga continue to suffer. Sediment, chemicals and plastics continue to pollute our water and cause the ecosystem to be on the brink of collapsing. The Bryde’s whales are now mostly eating zooplankton, due to depletion of fish stocks , and even now as their main source of food it is unsustainable and dangerous to their health, as zooplankton in the Hauraki Gulf contains thousands of dangerous microplastics.

Our team of passionate Digital Marketing Specialists jumped at the chance to be a part of the Whale Tales campaign as Media Partners for the World Wildlife Fund NZ. It’s wonderful to participate in bringing art and adventure to the City of Sails but most importantly, we are passionate about protecting and looking after the Hauraki Gulf and the marine life within it. Our company founder was one of the earliest members of Project Jonah in NZ and that passion for environmental causes is something that is still very much a part of the business’ values.

Our Tail

Our gorgeous tail, created by Gabriela Nuri Baron, is located by the Takapuna Beach Playground. It’s called ‘I am the Water and the Water is Me’. This tail represents connection, belonging, indivisibility and mauri through a sacred lineage that binds Mother Earth to all her creations. We are so proud to be the sponsors of this divine piece of art.

As the team learnt more about the Whale Tales mission we knew we wanted to get involved. We have therefore supported WWF and Whale Tales by offering our Digital Marketing services to promote the Event. Creating and managing Google Ads & Facebook Ad Campaigns over the past months has been extremely rewarding for our team and we are very proud to be playing a part in such a vibrant and important event.

Those who scan our Whale Tail are eligible to enter into a competition to win a fantastic prize with Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari. Please see the competition details on our Whale Tales Competition Page here.

Get involved


you can download the FREE Whale Tales 2022 app from the app store or Google play now and discover new and unique places around Auckland you’ve never been to and connect with nature through creativity! You can find and collect sculptures, earn rewards from all the sponsors and achieve milestones. With an in-app pedometer, you can track all of your steps too.


Join the pod-squad and get your hands on limited edition Whale Tales 2022 t-shirts, skirts, bucket hats, keep-ups, and more! They even have the most adorable Bryde’s Whale or Maui Dolphin soft toys, and a Hauraki Broo book. All proceeds of shop sales will go towards supporting the work WWF-New Zealand does to look after our ocean and marine life throughout Aotearoa.


Through the trail map on the Whale Tales app you and your family can explore Auckland, collecting up to 80 different tails and learn fun facts about the Bryde’s whale and marine life in the Hauraki Gulf. Don’t forget to tag @whaletales2022 in your photos and stories!


The trail around Auckland isn’t the only fun and exciting aspect! WWF-New Zealand has organised many other events for yourself, family and friends to enjoy. Such as, the Vector Lights Whale Tales Light Show going from now until the 3rd of May, the Science Seminar Series, Live Reading of Whale Tales inspired children’s book Hauraki Broo and more activities, all you need to do is check out the Whale Tales Facebook page to find out more.


Not only can you donate to the cause, but at the end of the three month period, the larger whale tales will be auctioned off by award-winning auctioneers from Harcourts. Money raised from the auction will go to the World Wildlife Fund and their efforts towards protecting the Hauraki Gulf and the endangered Bryde’s whale.

The legacy of Whale Tales will continue long after the trail has ended, and we are so proud to be able to say that we have been a part of it all. We encourage everyone to do the same, get involved, download the app and walk around our gorgeous city, beaches and parks to find the gorgeous tails before they are sold. Buy a t-shirt or Bryde’s whale soft toy! Donations are much appreciated, but most importantly, we hope to see everyone’s support and involvement in this immersive experience celebrating Aotearoa, art, and marine conservation.