Belinda Bullock – Belinda Bullock Photography

Belinda Bullock – Belinda Bullock Photography

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“I came to Conversion Marketing after several other agencies had taken advantage of my lack of knowledge  so I am writing this review to help anyone else in the same position.

In addition to  knowing nothing about marketing I was easily frustrated with any technology not related to photography and had been made redundant from my job of 25 years so I really needed to get my business up and running fast.

I started off working with Mike and Katherine who reassured  me I wasn’t their worst nightmare then proceeded to find a great plan for every direction I took.  Eventually I went on to work with just Katherine who has been amazing in every way but during the approximately two years since I joined  Conversion I have had the pleasure of getting to know most of the team and can say they are all just as wonderful.

If you are like me and have been taken advantage of and also fear the technology behind advertising  then Conversion is the team for you. They are patient and kind as well as knowledgeable and fair.

For me marketing has been about finding the right platform, where my people are. Katherine has taught me how to view things through a marketing lens, do some marketing myself and track results. She has pivoted when my crazy ideas haven’t worked and gently explained when I was overwhelmed.

Thank you Conversion for everything you have taught me in the last two years.”