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No Contracts. Full Transparency. Full Ownership. ROI.

Why Partner With Us

Are you looking for a marketing partner who can give you a competitive edge online? We can work with your existing partners and internal team supplying only the services you need and adding depth to your team. We work with you to tailor a Digital Strategy that achieves your goals and fits your budget. Please see below for further details as to what makes our approach different and the ways in which we ensure we are results-focused at every step of the way.

While we strongly value long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients, if you choose not to continue with our partnership and the marketing, for any reason, you can cancel our services with an easy 30 days notice at any time. There are no long-term contracts involved, you just pay as you go.

We ensure you are set up as the Administrator & Owner of all your Digital Assets (Google Accounts, Social Media accounts and any others) that we work with you on.

Digital Assets form part of the Asset Value of a business. Furthermore, ownership means that you always have access to the valuable data that is collected allowing you to make informed, data-driven decisions based on historical performance and insights. Having direct ownership and access also ensures transparency and full visibility of work being done, data recorded and results achieved.

In summary, what this means is that you stay in control always, that there is complete transparency and that you can leverage the data and insights collected in the future regardless of who you choose to work with at any point in time.

We take no commission or margin on the Google, Facebook, Outbrain or Programmatic media budgets and to verify this, we make sure that you have a direct relationship with the platform providers.

This ensures that there is complete transparency in who you pay, what you pay and, most importantly, what the return on investment is that you achieve.

We focus on delivering the business results that are most meaningful to your specific business objectives and goals.

Reporting on ‘Impressions’ or ‘Clicks’ (visitors) does have some value, particularly if you are building brand visibility, however it’s our opinion that real value is in the measurement of ‘hard’ conversion metrics such as ‘Enquiries’, ‘Phone Calls’, ‘Form Submissions’, ‘Sales Transactions’ and any other ‘hard’ conversion metrics that prove return on investment through business growth and engagement by new customers or prospects.

Understanding your return on investment and ensuring that this is positive is a key driver in all that we do.

Each cycle we report on cost per conversion and show your return on investment.

Your report data is pulled directly from the digital advertising platforms your Campaigns are running on and your data is also visible in Google Analytics.

The data in your reports is presented in a way that is meaningful for your business and focuses on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are most relevant to you.

We aim to improve on these results every cycle so that there is continual, regular improvement.

Right from the start it’s all about measurement so you that have complete transparency and control over how the campaign is being run. This allows you to make informed, data driven decisions about your digital strategy and business growth.

We have worked with small, medium and large businesses both within New Zealand and Globally.

In particular, we have run Campaigns within Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

Consumer behaviour and language variations do require that international Campaigns are targeted uniquely and have personalised messaging and content that is relevant and engaging to the specific geo-targeted audience you are marketing to.

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