Your Digital Toolbox for 2020 and Beyond

Your Digital Toolbox for 2020 and Beyond

Your Digital Toolbox for 2020 and Beyond 1080 1080 Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing’s tagline is “we don’t go online, we live online” and as a team, we do tend to reflect this. In light of this, we thought we’d share our thoughts and tips on the most useful apps and digital tools we love. Think of it as a free digital toolbox, just for you.

Jamie (office ringleader)

Google Authenticator

The app generates a 2-step verification code that adds additional security to your accounts while also being faster to use than the traditional “wait for Google to text you a code” approach.

Nina (digital marketing guru)

Manic Time

Time tracking which automatically records what you’re doing based on the name of the window you’re in, so you never get caught out by forgetting to start or stop a timer or change between tasks. Perfect for business owners who charge based on their time, or anyone who ends up wondering where the time went despite best efforts to keep track of it! The free version is enough to track which web sites you visit, subject lines of emails and which documents you work on.

Mike (dad-joke curator)


My go-to browser-based design platform, which is just so easy to use and helpful for non-designers (like myself). Full of helpful templates set up and ready to repurpose for your brand, and all social media sized templates, icons, and images on tap to use, it’s a design goldmine. Check it out at ​


My life is in Evernote. Brainstorming, meeting notes, collaboration, our family’s passport details, recipes. It’s all there. Easy to use note-taking and saving app. Syncs seamlessly across web + desktop + mobile app. It’s handy and great to use. Other similar apps include Google’s Keep, and Microsoft’s Onenote. Get it at


 My goodness, this is a top app. Think of it as a temporary folder for all of those articles you’re “really interested in, but don’t have time to read right now.”
Pocket is an app and also a browser extension (for Chrome and Firefox). It allows you to save the page you’re browsing to the app, automatically syncing it and simplifying it – turning the page into an easily-readable format you can catch up on later on your mobile or via your logged-in Pocket page. Check it out at

Jill (founder & digital legend)


 Or another password management tool – Great for businesses that have multiple people logging into the same accounts. Helps protect against “lost passwords” and improves password quality using the in-app password generation.

Sophie (matrix-level analyst)

Google Keep

Where some like their note-taking on paper, Google Keep takes it digital. Write, keep and curate important ideas, links, and to-dos. And colour them some nice shades, too. Another handy feature is if you have a Google Gmail account, then you already have a login for Keep. For desktop and mobile (of course!).  Try it out at

Lily (social club co-ordinator extraordinaire)

Facebook Local

 A mobile-first event tracking and promotion app by Facebook. Find out what’s happening, where it’s happening, and who’s going to be there – all in one handy app! FOMO (fear of missing out) will no longer be a thing because you’ll be the first to find out about an event – you’re now the social extraordinaire of your squad 😉

Spotify Podcasts

This list would be remiss if it didn’t include a podcast app.Do you get stuck in traffic with just your thoughts ….never fear podcasts are the best thing to pass the time. And what’s even better is that you can find some fantastic podcasts that keep your brain spinning in circles with knowledge (lol). A great way to pass time, learn something new or even have a laugh.Spotify is my go-to for my favourite podcasts – it’s easy to use as most of us have accounts already, and are familiar with how the app works. Another bonus – Spotify has exclusive podcast content only available (think Netflix-produced shows). Check them out at

Blair (self-declared stale young man)

An Actual Paper Notebook

 Yes it kills trees. Yes, it’s outdated. It’s also not digital at all and therefore completely irrelevant to this list … BUT you can’t beat the timeless notebook for client meetings. There is nothing worse than trying to connect with someone with a laptop screen walling you off from them – stay true to the classics! You can go looking for a fancy one (like a Moleskine), or just lift one from your next corporate event (thanks Google NZ).
What are your favourite app discoveries of the year so far, or new tools you’re looking at for 2020?

Digital Toolbox Quick Links:

  • Google Authenticator – Download from your device’s app store
  • Google Keep –
  • Evernote –
  • Canva –
  • One Password –
  • Manic Time –
  • Spotify –