Micro Moments; The Role Of The Mobile Phone

Micro Moments; The Role Of The Mobile Phone

Micro Moments; The Role Of The Mobile Phone 690 690 Conversion Marketing

I’m going to be honest – I love my mobile phone. I feel naked if I ever leave home without it. In fact, I have been known to drive the 20 minutes back home to pick it up. I’m more than happy to risk being late for the party/dinner/family event/work. I also know I’m not the only one – humans in 2018 are well and truly attached. Especially the millennials! A Google Consumer survey showed that 87% of millennials always have their smartphones on them, day or night. We love our phones so much so that we check them, on average, 150 times a day *.

Interestingly though, that only equates an average of 177 minutes per day**, meaning we are on our phone often but for short periods of time.

These short periods of time are called Micro Moments. During these Micro Moments, while we are waiting for the jug to boil, in a queue at the supermarket or waiting to cross the road, brands have an opportunity.

For businesses to make the most of these Micro Moments you need to

  1. Be there
  2. Be useful
  3. Be quick

​Be There

To fully capitalise on these Micro Moments you need to make sure that, when potential customers are browsing online, your business is front and centre. To check if you’re where you need to be, grab your mobile phone, put yourself in your customers shoes and type in some relevant search terms for your industry. Are you there? Are your competitors there?

Be Useful

You need to do more than just “show up” when someone is searching – you need to be useful and relevant. Make sure you have “snackable” content that answers the questions your potential customer would have on your product or service. Do you make it easy for them to buy, call or locate your business? Remember, this interaction is occurring in a Micro Moment, “snackable” content needs to be in handy bite sized chunks – nobody has time for a full meal!

Be Quick

Consumers in 2018 expect a fast and frictionless online experience. Speed is crucial and we’re not just talking about site loading time. The customer journey needs to be streamlined and simple. Remember, Micro Moment behaviour is different, your user wants something and they want it now. Your website should make it as easy as possible for them to get what they want.

Time poor, mobile using, potential customers are waiting for you!

* Kleiner Perkins Caufeld & Byers, 2013 Internet Trends Report
** Flurry Analytics, Comscore, Q4 2014