Top Browser Extensions for the SEO Expert

Top Browser Extensions for the SEO Expert

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​Despite a slew of new SEO browser extensions vying for the attentions of SEO experts, Mozbar, the original search engine optimisation browser extension, still ranks as one of the best. Nevertheless, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give something new a shot, and there are many browser extensions aimed at SEO professionals, and other digital marketing experts, that are well-worth giving a try.

If you recognise that you can no longer fit everything you need to into the one working day, these SEO browser extensions are sure to prove immensely useful and will help you to, amongst other things, analyse website performance, improve your work efficiency, easily examine website code, and build better links.


The original and still one of the best, Mozbar is a tried and tested browser extension that won’t disappoint. It’s easy to use and serves two main purposes – firstly, to display page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA) statistics below search results on Google, and secondly, to provide statistics of a particular webpage.

Signing up for a PRO account provides you with full access and is recommendable if you need the most in-depth stats, but you can access most features for free. Mozbar has one notable drawback, and that’s its reliance on Open Site Explorer (OSE) data, which is smaller, and also takes longer to update, than the leading link databases.

Majestic SEO Toolbar

The main drawback to this popular browser extension, one that directly competes with Mozbar, is that it doesn’t offer a means of analysing search results. Otherwise, it’s an easy-to-use browser extension that draws its information from the Majestic SEO database, and provides all the basic SEO stats you need – the number of links and root domains on a page, link profile chart, trust flow and citation flow charts, etc.

SEO & Website Analysis by WooRank

Rated highly by SEO experts, WooRank’s browser extension provides a wide range of stats and information for free, with just a few advanced options that require you to sign up for a premium account. One of the best features of this well-received SEO browser extension is the overall score it gives a webpage which indicates how many basic SEO best practices it follows.

Another great feature is the tabs that provide information about both individual webpages and the overall site that focus more upon the on-page SEO and technical characteristics than practically all other SEO browser extensions currently available.


Unlike many SEO browser extensions, OneTab was once available solely on Google Chrome, but its developers have since had the good sense to make it available on Firefox – SEO experts who favour Safari and other browsers will have to wait, or find themselves an alternative. The main point to this browser extension is to reduce tab clutter and save memory by converting all open tabs into a list, which it does nicely.

These handy SEO browser extensions are perfect for the busy SEO expert. Which will you employ to make your working day a little easier?